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The Book of Questions
So while cleaning out boxes that have been in my garage for 6 years I found my copy of "The Book of Questions".

Thought I'd try to get any takers on this meme of sorts. Interested in playing??

Surgery Today
So today my baby goes to get his tonsils removed.  I'm a wreck.  Happy thoughts are appreciated.
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My Girls Concert

The Book Hunt
So the Book Hunt started out as something to do for my Great Uncle because there were books he wanted that where published back in the '50's so I went online and found the books.

I also found two at a local used book store and it was really fun looking for the books. That got me started on my own hunt for books. Most of what I want to read I can easily get at a new book store or online but it became a game to look for books at out of reach places around the valley that I live in.

Hence to Book Hunt became my new hobby. Aside from reading my books I decided to keep a reading journal. And I opened an account on Good Reads to keep track of what I've read and my impressions. I'm also venturing into genre's I've never read before so who knows I might just find some great new reads that I would never had ventured into reading.

Brandi's currently-reading book montage

The Summoning

Brandi's favorite books »

Share book reviews and ratings with Brandi, and even join a book club on Goodreads.

Beta Help?!?
I want to confess that my writing has sucked the last two years due to stress at work being too much for me to handle, plus things at home weren't better.

So hopping I don't get laid off anytime soon (I got a lateral position change at work plus a raise so I'm being optimistic.) that I will be able to write without all the baggage.

So what I am requesting is a friendly but firm beta reader to read my wips that have been sitting around since 2006 in hopes of getting them done. I even picked up reading the novels that were published the last two years to get me back into the fandom again.

Thanks in advance :)


NaNo 2009

Day three and so far I'm trying to keep up with my goal. Currently I'm 1000 words behind but I'm not discouraged yet. I've been keeping my outline handy so I won't sit on my chair staring at the screen screaming why!

I just have to keep my inner critic at bay and I should be okay. I know after this month this story is going to need a ton of revision, but my goal is to get the rough draft done or at the very least done enough to make my min of 50,000 words. Yay!

I have a title - "Through Red Painted Eyes".

Now why am I excited, because it makes is easier to write when I have a frakin' clue.  Its one of my many odd quirks.

I'm in love with my story concept, this is the first year that I have an original story, built from scratch and not something that I've either done before or a fan fiction.  I have a loose outline for now, because I don't want to strangle my creativity before I start.  And I'm so eager, I've spent the morning trying to strategize when I can write during the week.  Its going to be the hardest part but I'm hopeful this year. 
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Shawn Spencer how are you so awsome
So I am the biggest dork in the world but over the course of the last few weeks I've fallen in love with Pysch.  I've never seen the show before its season 4 air date and man I love it.

Its funny and light and I can't get enough of Shawn. 

If anyone can rec me stories I will forever in your debt.  Pretty please :)

SPN Episode 5.04
Ha ha I got the kid to sleep so I can watch the show tonight.  I love the boy but sometimes mommy needs to watch her show.

Here are my reactions:

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Next  week episode looks funny and gross.  I'll have to check my ick o' meter on the previews online to see if I can stomach watching it.  (I am a wimp at really gross stuff).

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Test Post

How how much I fail
Sad Dean Two
So be for warned this is a whinny post.  If you not interested please skip.

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Pray Your Gods [Team Heaven]
Title: Pray Your Gods
Author: elissahra 
Characters/Pairing(s): Dean, OC, Castiel
Rating: T
Warning: Angst
Summary: “Man is least himself when he talks in is own person.  Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” – Oscar Wilde.
Word Count: 874
Disclaimer:  I don’t own, I am not making money and all the characters belong to Kripke and CW network.
A/N:  Feedback is very appreciated.

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SGA BB progress
blue j&r

I'm pleased with the progress I'm making this year and I don't feel like I'm lost. I'm new to writing slash in any form so the whole J/R relationship hasn't did much, but I'm banking on it being an early draft and trying not to stress to much.

I've gotten some wonderful research in yesterday for the aspects of the front end of the story and broke down my outline to 4000 word sections so scene one almost wrapped up. Its the middle half that I need to spend some thought on before I write to it and stall.

Next on my Sunday research schedule is space and astrophysics because I know jack about any of it and I at least like to know the basics so when I type it I don't feel stupid and then I can sell it in my writing. Even with stretching actual scientific fact, I have to feel comfortable with it in order to make it work.

Also on the agenda is watching certain episodes and gee what a hardship there. We'll see how this weeks progress goes and how well I can keep my inner critic at bay so I can just get the rough draft done.

Baptism by Blood [Team Heaven]
Title: Baptism by Blood
Author: elissahra 
Characters/Pairing(s): Dean, Castiel
Rating: M (for strong images)
Warning: Images of blood in the first section.
Summary: What is forged in hell can never remove its stain on the soul.
Word Count: 853
Disclaimer:  I don’t own, I am not making money and all the characters belong to Kripke and CW network.
A/N:  This is the first time I’ve ever written prompts for Supernatural.  Feedback is very appreciated.

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Summer writing projects
Well I think I have done it now, I've packed my summer full of writing.  Yup, after having spent a better part of a year and half just limping along in my writing I've made to commitment to do some real writing.

Lets see what is on my plate:

SGA Big Bang 2009 - the last year its going to be done and if I don't get a story written I will always kick myself and think about what if . . . and no prompts this year and I'm glad because I think I have a really good idea ahead of me.  

Team prompts SPN and I'm on Team Heaven.  Looking forward to writing the prompts.

Plus I'm trying to finish my story for Plum fan fiction, and with some outlining creativity and get that story done. 

Also I'm looking for a Beta if anyone wants to volunteer.

Well lets see what happens this summer hmm . . .

DM Invite codes
To my flist if your not on DM yet and would like to be on Dream Width I have four codes left.  I already sent one out  one and if you're already on DM let me know so I can find you and add you to my circle :)

See ya on the other side.

Thinky thoughts
Dean and Castiel
So this has been an interesting day.  I've enjoyed my new laptop and I feel really spoiled now.  My kids are thrilled to have me in the room as them.  I feel like I've been a bad mommy.

I haven't written anything for a while in my Plum world.  Then someone reviewed every Plum story I've ever posted and wow I'm humbled.  The one comment though that kept comming back to me was that my grammar needed work and I confused words.  Yeah that was when I posted without a beta or even really proofing my work. 

Bad, bad me.

So my thinking is that I should go back and correct all my bad grammar.  Because its sucks trying to read something when all the bad grammar got in the way.  I really should go back and fix it, and I still have unfinished stories sitting online and going back and proof reading all my stuff might help me get back into writing again.

I am now on DM under my name Elissahra.  I have been busy looking for my friends over there.  I wanted to know if Kimberlydfr and gillianoz are there if not let me know and I'll send out an invite.

I am exited and looking forward to expanding what I have enjoyed here to another place that I know people who share my interests without all the crap.

Hey let me know 'Kay.


When writing past has come to haunt you again . . .
My mother has been cleaning her apartment and over time she has sent to me my stuff that she's kept over the years.  I just got some angsty teen poetry from my and my very first story in middle school.

Reading it makes my teeth itch. 

Than again she had a point my middle school story would be a good entry in the worst story ever contest.  Thoughts to ponder.  Its nice to know that twenty years later I can write better and most the time I get more words spelled right instead of wrong. *cheers*.

I wonder if any one ever reads the "greatest" poetry of their youth and cringe.  Oh hey here's a gem of a poem.  And for your reading pleasure I will make sure I spell this correctly promise.

My soul bleeds these empty tears
Oh my Lord save me from my blade.
Shame me not for I have only one thing.

How am I to answer these sorry questions of my past hell.
Find me, guide me, make me understand.
Love me, rock me, make me listen.

Please bring me back from sadness, loneliness nights and the dark that smothers me so.

Love lies, a time of peace.
Sing me a sad song.
I cry a sad cry.
Say love, say true, bring me home, bring me home, bring me home to you.

Circa 1991.

I was so freakin emo.  Its a sad sad world really. 

Radio Nowhere (5/?)
Title:  Radio Nowhere (5/?)
Author:  </a></b></a>elissahra 
Rating:  M (language mostly)
Warnings:  None
Genre:  General
Spoilers:  For all seasons but heavy for season 4
Disclaimers:  I do not own Supernatural and have no rights.  This is just me having fun writing about one of my favorite shows.
Summary:  Dean has always had trouble accepting that he mattered beyond what he could do for his family.  Can he accept his destiny or will it destroy them all.  (My AU take on Season 4)


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